DDIMario Game Rules
  1. DDIMario exists to help you and your articles shine.

  2. If you need help, try Create a Task.

  3. You can ask for help from another Mario such as

    • Commenting on your article (on any site);

    • Highlighting on article

    • Clapping

    • More tasks are added over time;

  4. But to create a task, you will need DDINs in your wallet;

  5. You can get DDINs only by completing tasks or purchasing DDINs;

  6. If you are regular contributors to DDI medium or DDI main site, you will get 20 free DDINs on signup;

  7. If not, you will get 5 free DDINs on signup;

  8. If you complete a task, and the task is approved by task creator, you will receive DDINs;

  9. DDINs will be unlocked for USD payout based on the following rules:

    • Each user can sell part of his/her DDINs to DDIMario at a price of DDIN = USP (User Selling Price);

    • USP is initially at USD $0.30 per DDIN, but will rise over time to as much as USD $0.70;

    • User can unlock DDINs payout based on the following rules:

      • 60% of DDIN balance can be unlocked for USD conversion when balance is above 50 DDINs; some examples below.

      • If DDIN balance hits 50 DDINs, 30 DDINs can be sold to DDIMario at USP; 

      • If DDIN balance hits 100 DDINs, 60 DDINs can be sold to DDIMario at USP;

      • If DDIN balance hits 150 DDINs, 90 DDINs can be sold to DDIMario at USP;

      • The above rules will be revised over time.

Any questions, please contact mario@ddimario.com